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Colorado Educational & Cultural Facilities Authority

The Colorado Educational and Cultural Facilities Authority (CECFA) is the official state issuer of tax-exempt bonds for capital projects furthering the missions of educational and cultural organizations.

Affordable Capital Financing through CECFA

CECFA’s bonds have benefited Colorado’s private universities and day schools, public charter schools, museums, Olympic facilities, science and research facilities, and more. Since 1981, CECFA has issued over $7.6 Billion of such bonds for over 300 organizations, and is one of the nation’s largest issuers of charter school bonds. 

If you are a nonprofit seeking to finance the purchase, construction, or renovation of buildings, land, or equipment (capital assets), we can help you borrow money at lower interest rates.

CECFA helps educational and cultural nonprofits borrow money for capital projects at lower interest rates than they could obtain through traditional bank financing. Whether you are a public or private, sectarian or secular, small or large borrower, we provide experience and broad technical assistance in tax-exempt financing for projects such as:

  • Classrooms, research facilities, administration buildings
  • Auditoriums, dining halls, food service and student services buildings
  • Student housing
  • Parking lots, maintenance facilities, garages
  • Exhibition or performance halls, galleries, museums, zoos, botanical gardens, theaters, and sports facilities
  • Furnishings and equipment

We can also refinance existing debt.


Who We Can Help

Charter Schools

CECFA is one of the largest conduit issuers of charter school bonds in the U.S.  

Cultural Facilities

CECFA has authorized 143 bond issues totaling nearly $2.7B for cultural facilities  

K-12 Private Education

CECFA has authorized more than 121 bond issues totaling over $1B for private K-12 schools  

Small Borrowers

CECFA has created a Small Borrower Program for certain loans under $4 million  

Higher Education

CECFA has authorized 88 bond issues totaling nearly $2B for higher ed institutions  

Multi-State Borrowers

In certain circumstances, CECFA can finance facilities located outside of Colorado  

Funding for Projects in Colorado & Beyond

CECFA is able to provide funding for projects beyond Colorado, if the project has a multi-state presence, including Colorado.

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