Change of General Counsel

Calvin Hanson, CECFA’s General Counsel since 2006, retired at the end of 2021. Calvin guided CECFA through the Great Recession, 4 Governors, 2 Executive Directors, dozens of CECFA board members, and a global pandemic. He expertly advised CECFA on more than 450 separate bond issuances involving a dizzying diversity of projects and totaling more than $6.8 billion. While these statistics and vast experience would certainly qualify him for the bond lawyers hall of fame, those of us who have had the pleasure of working with Calvin will recall just how easy it all seemed. We always could count on Calvin to know the four corners of an issue, to have CECFA’s priorities squarely in sight, and to negotiate with his calm integrity that moved us ever forward. He has had an amazing career in law and improved the lives of all who worked with him. We wish him hungry fish, untracked powder, and miles of smooth roads!
CECFA begins the new year with Cory Kalanick as only our third General Counsel. Cory has been backing up Calvin for almost a decade as well as representing CHFA as bond counsel, so we anticipate this transition to be seamless. We look forward to continuing a long and very productive relationship with Sherman & Howard through Cory.